Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 28, 2002



The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Charles Vogt.


Board of Directors in attendance were Mike Balsan, Charles Vogt, Ellen Lawther and Ingrid Lawrence. Gene Ross of Elliott Merrill Community Management was also in attendance. Owners in attendance: Judy Dunn PH4B, Suzanne Sherrier PH6B


Mike Balsan moved to approve the minutes of the March 26th and April 16th meetings as written. Motion was seconded by Ellen Lawther and carried unanimously.


Gene Ross provided the following financial information:

Motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Motion was carried unanimously.


No communications received.


Social: Judy Dunn reported that as of April 2002 the balance in the account is $1,208. Judy and Ellen Lawther are still looking to see if they can do something about getting a convection oven for the clubhouse kitchen in the fall. Ellen Lawther suggested venting the oven to satisfy the Fire Marshall. Gene Ross said he would schedule a meeting with the Fire Marshall and contractor so they can inspect the area to be vented and quote.


Stair Repair, B Building, East Status: Gene Ross reported that the demolition process is completed and sandblasting is about 90% completed. They have found that the metal throughout is severely rusted beyond what was expected. Structure Con, the company that is doing the work, has come back with a proposal for an additional $4,300 on top of the contract amount due to the excessive amount of steel that is rusting.

Randy Mosby is in the process of submitting a letter with his opinion as to how Structure Con’s request should be handled. It was suggested to not take any action until Randy Mosby’s letter is received. Gene Ross said he would wait and inspect the area once again with Randy to see what course of action should be taken. Gene Ross mentioned that a portion of the contract states: "replace any deteriorated steel to be determined by the engineer." Charles Vogt mentioned that this is a fixed-price contract and there should not be any more money due.

Ingrid Lawrence moved to table Structure Con’s proposal until the Board receives more detailed information by Gene Ross. Motion was seconded by Ellen Lawther and carried unanimously.

Entry Doors Buildings A & B Status: Charles Vogt reported that the information on the entry doors from one of the contractors was received this afternoon and the Board has not had a chance to review the proposal.

However, proposals from Lowes and HBS were submitted. Regarding fiberglass doors, they meet all of the requirements of Miami/Dade county code and the product has been accepted for inward opening. (However, they are limited to height applications of 20+ feet.) Gene Ross mentioned that HBS has not been able to find 140 mph wind doors. However, Fiberglass doors with the same specifications are available except they are not dimensionsly usable which means the frames will have to be significantly altered.

Additionally, if wooden doors are used, the old hardware cannot be used because mortising weakens the door. Hence, fiberglass doors may be the only method of replacing the doors.

Charles Vogt pointed out that a price for fiberglass doors was received for $1,600 without the hardware.

Further discussion followed on what course of action should be taken on the entry doors. Charles Vogt mentioned the reason there has been such a delay in making a decision as to the type of door to install is because the codes changed March 1, 2002 and they are difficult to interpret even by our hired professionals.

Gene Ross said the next step is to get people to bid on fiberglass doors as well as new hardware in anticipation of a possible approval.

Railings: Building C Status: Gene Ross reported the problem with the railings is not as big as originally feared. In taking off the tops of the railings at a section on the second floor and third floors, and upon study inside, there didn’t seem to be any evidence of rot or termites. Kaz is ordering more wood and will replace some of the railings. Charles Vogt mentioned that the solution to the water collection at the bottom of the railings is to put a bead of caulking along the bottom, which will then cause the water to collect and run out of the scuppers.


Leases and Sales: Mr. Vogt proposed the following leases and sales:

Ingrid Lawrence moved to accept the lease for unit B505 as proposed by Charles Vogt. Motion was seconded by Ellen Lawther and carried unanimously.

Insurance Renewal: Gene Ross reported that INS Corp might be pulling out of the state of Florida. They are one of the largest companies that provide the reduction in windstorm coverage for a lot of the condo associations.

Insurance for The Racquet Club has increased by 30%. INS Corp. has denied coverage for The Racquet Club because they do not want to be responsible for the wooden shakes. Compared to the other Associations on the beach that Elliott Merrill manages, the 30% increase is very small. At the present time, The Hartford is still the insurance carrier for The Racquet Club.


A discussion was held about the surface of the tennis courts. Gene Ross mentioned that someone was out to look at the courts and said they are physically okay. However, to do it right we would have to redo the whole court and it is not worth spending the money for it at this time. Gene is waiting for a written report and he will get back to the Board when he receives it.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.